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The week before finals

Here it is the week before finals, and what a hectic week it has been. I truly feel like I’m graduating this May, I’ve ran around like crazy this week. I don’t like complaining, I’m happy with life and couldn’t ask for more. I’m preparing for finals, leaving for Japan in 2 weeks, prepping for graduation next year and applying for grad school. I had intended on staying at MSU for grad schol, but after constantly thinking about, I’ve decided I may want to transfer. I am planning on applying to about 6 graduate schools from Purdue to John Hopkins. The possibilities are endless!
I’m so excited for my future!! And even though I know some times will be hard I am highly anticipating it!!!
Oh, and I just finished my first actual busines service. I created a website and logos for my high school teacher. The site is Heavenly String Orchestra. Definitely excited about that! Only, downfall, I’ve worked on everyones website except for my own, that is part of my to-do list for the summer along with a number of other things… Like studying for the GRE and writing personals statements.. And of course classes and work!! Yaay me! (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

Continue my journey w/ me…


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