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I love to eat!

The one thing I was excited and scared abt coming to Japan, was the food. There are very few things I don’t like, so I figured I’d be fine. I’ve tasted many different things since I’ve been here, j don’t really know the technical names for very many of them. I’ll start with chicken tashatori, Oyster balls, fried oyster, plenty of squid, Japanese pancake and that’s just to name a few.
Food is such a major part of my life that’s why I make sure I squeeze it in. I even had mcdonalds, it taste the same to me. I even had Japans version of fast food, Mos Burger! It’s was good! And of course I had to try the food that you order, via the vending machine! It was great too! I haven’t had any bad food experiences!

Last but not least is sushi, it’s totally different from American sushi. There are very rarely rolls, and it is truly raw fish! Fish, a little wasabi and a chunk of rice. Lol..

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