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Never thought I’d see in Japan

When I think of japan, I think of bright lights, electricity, and tall buildings. Traveling to Osaka and then traveling to Hiroshima, I saw a part of Japan I would never thought I would have seen. Deer, mountains, trees, definitely aren’t the things I think of when I think of Japan. Even though I was scared of the Deer, I  really really really enjoyed it.

The island of Mijajima was absolutely great! It was very scenic. The deer walk around, they’re available to pet and to feed. I’m
Completely scared of animals but it was still interesting. The temples were also great. They had history and were also great for picture taking. The temples contained Buddhas and were sacred and respected, even us unruly Americans were able to respect them while we were there.

I even enjoyed Hiroshima, seeing the Atomic Bomb Dome museum. I knew of the incident but I definitely didn’t know all the details.

This trip was definitely my favorite day!


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