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The Onsen experience

Oh wow! What an experience. The Onsen experience, my cousin who lived in Tokyo for a year told my friends and I to make sure we tried an Onsen. He failed to mention, that they were expensive and that you were completely naked in the process.

An onsen is a jacuzzi like bath, used for relaxation. The spa Vida and I went to, had a sauna and an option for massages, it was in Roppongi.

Of course, like Americans we attempted to wear swimsuits in the bath. A nice lady (who I made add was naked herself) explained to us that it was inappropriate to wear suits around the facility. It is a tranquil place used for relaxation and everyone should be free.

The hot springs bath was very nice, I especially appreciated it after 16 days of running around Japan. After the bath, Vida and I went into the sauna with the other women. I could have
Almost fell asleep then. They also had, the best massage chairs ever! The best 300 yen I had ever spent.

I am not sure if they have them in the Lansing area or not, but it would definitely be a place I would go for relaxation and a nap after class or work.


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4 Responses

  1. mussere1 says:

    What the heck?!? I wanted to do something like this, was this only for females or was there a male version somewhere? I could probably do without being naked around a bunch of other naked men but the relaxation and the massage chair would’ve definitely been nice. Give me a heads up next time gosh.

  2. There were separate sections for men and women. The naked thing, it was definitely an experience, considering, we were ready with our swimsuits on. It was really relaxing and I’ll definitely make sure to let you know next time. Sorry!

  3. fleuritta says:

    Speaking of portion size. Here in Dubai, it is more crazy than in the States. People squander so much money on food. Basically, the society here is very collectivistic; thus, people eat in groups. Since the food is shared, huge plates are prepared and most of the food end up in trash. I find it very sad to waste food whereas starvation exists in a number of African countries. The Dubai citizens should definitely learn frm the Japanese in terms of customising the sizes according to the needs.

  4. vidajimenez says:

    If only people could have seen our faces once the Japanese lady told us we couldn’t wear out bathing suits…that was priceless. But I did enjoy the overall experience once I got over the fact we were naked. The onsen itself was very clean and I liked the fact we had to shower frequently. The massage stations were amazing and cheap!

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