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You fat, lazy Americans…

Coming to Japan was definitely a culutural experience. A way to see how differently people live outside the US. I have learned it’s definitely different. I don’t even know were to start, portion size, recyling, no litter and even the amount of trash.

The portion sizes are much smaller. Although, I think they are more of the size portions should be. Just because in America we want a full plate and want to be extremely full does not mean that’s correct. I feel like Japanese eat to live, whereas Americans live to eat.

Majoriy of the places we visted, recycled. It wasn’t hard at all, there were just different bins for different items, all next to the trash cans.

There was no litter on the street, despite the scarcity of trash cans around the city of Tokyo. I think it’s absolutely great, that a place that resembles New York can be so clean. The amount of people and the city atomosphere does not affect them. They hold on to the trash until a trash can is found.


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5 Responses

  1. mussere1 says:

    I thought that the lack of trash cans was absolutely frustrating. This required me to eat my food where I bought it or risk having to carry around large amounts of trash all freaking day. Finding a trash can however was like finding a holographic Pokemon card, it is so exciting!

  2. botorow1 says:

    Well, I thank you for not titling this “You fat, lazy Bryce”. No, but I do understand exactly where you are coming from. I ate so much more back in the United States. Here I barely had time to eat, but when I did the portions were the perfect size. I know when I came here I was a little concerned, but it ended up being alright. I must concur; the most annoying part of the trip was the lack of trash cans.

  3. jaredinjapan says:

    I really love the portion sizes in Japan; it feels like the people of this country measured it out so that when a meal is finished you’re left with a satisfying full feeling rather than being overly full. It still amazes me that the streets are so clean in Japan with the lack of garbage cans. I hated having to save pocket or rucksack space for loose trash and I’m with Eric on the fact that finding a can was like finding lost Aztec gold.

  4. fleuritta says:

    Speaking of portion size. Here in Dubai, it is more crazy than in the States. People squander so much money on food. Basically, the society here is very collectivistic; thus, people eat in groups. Since the food is shared, huge plates are prepared and most of the food end up in trash. I find it very sad to waste food whereas starvation exists in a number of African countries. The Dubai citizens should definitely learn frm the Japanese in terms of customising the sizes according to the needs.

  5. MeriInJapan says:

    I hated paying the prices for it, but the sizes of food and drink were pretty awesome. In America, I get a small pop from a fast food place, which would be a large in Japan, and I might finish 3/4 of it at best. Being able to actually finish my pop in Japan and not feel like I was wasting it was awesome.

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