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Oh, Shopping!

Going to Japan I was super excited to shop.  Before I left, I told myself I just wanted a pair of shoes and a purse. When I got to Japan I realized that task would be harder than expected.

One thing that went in my favor in Japan is that I am short. The length of things was no problem. Sizing although brought up a entirely different concern.  I am not the average Japanese girl size, majority of the items that I saw that I liked were One Size. One Size in America I can fit, in Japan not really. That was obstacle number 1.

Obstacle number 2, was shoes. In America, I typically wear an 8, which is an average size. Japan shoe sizes, do not go by numbers, they go Small, Medium, Large and Large Large. Similar to T-shirts in America. Amazing right? Imagine how amazed I was to find out that my average 8 was a Large Large in Japan. Wow! My next question, which I never got an answer to was, people who wear over a size 8 in shoes… what do they do? This still remains a mystery.


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  1. kevinb18 says:

    Japan has many interesting looking clothes and many things I have not seen in America. The only problem is the way the clothes fit. I don’t like wearing my clothes too small but that’s pretty much the style in Japan for men so if you put on a large shirt its not really large and they rarely have extra large(LL in Japan) which would be compared to a large here in America. This made it kind of hard to find souvenirs for people because I didn’t know what size shirt to get.

  2. fleuritta says:

    Oh, Honey! I completely agree with you! I myself had a hard time getting shoes! regarding the clothes, I had no trouble finding my size! However, finding the right shoe size was a dilemma! The LL stands for a size 8 which is 39, in most of the shops they did not even have LL! Before leaving, I went to Shibuya to get a pair of boots and found out that the shop owner tailors some of the boots according to the respective size! Luckily for me that size L fit! I could simply not wait an entire month for it to be designed! I was leaving the same day!

  3. carlyinjapan says:

    I never even got that far! The prices of clothing in the areas we shopped in Japan was far more expensive than I could have ever imagined! Many stores I was afraid to go into because the store employees would follow me around and invite me to try the clothing on in the fitting rooms. But all I wanted to do was check to see if the clothing was affordable first! Although there were 100 yen stores, I was never able to find clothing stores that were aimed toward lower prices…

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