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Wait! It’s almost time for school to start?

I just simply can’t believe it! It’s August already, where has the summer gone? Of course this means school is about to start and of course my birthday is around the corner! Granted I’ve done the same thing I do during the school year doing the summer, I just like summer classes and summer work better, everything even Lansing is more laid back.

This will be my last year at MSU, this is a bittersweet feeling. I’ve enjoyed my college experience to the fullest but I am ready to graduate and be part of the real world. I’m sure saying that is contradicting the entire purpose of this article because in the real world there are no summer vacations. I am aware of that, but I am just ready for change. Ready to make real money, have a real home, and just live a real life and I know all of these are easier said then done, but I am ready for the challenge.

I keep telling myself I need a vacation before school starts but my family says, you just came from Japan, that was your vacation. No, I need something relaxing and enjoyable! Hopefully the couple trips I have planned for the last couple weeks of the summer come true!

I’m completing my grad apps and have asked for my letters of recommendations. I’m going to the grad expo at Purdue. I’m ready for the future!

Now, continue my journey with me! 🙂


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