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National Summit: YP4

After the midwest regional training…all I could think about was the National summit in January. January finally came, as did the National summit and it was a well anticipated wait! The staff was amazing, the speakers were amazing and of course the fellows were beyond amazing! Never had I been in a room with some many accomplished, driven, like minded, well rounded students. We were all there because we want social change. Somethings small, something very large. No matter what each individuals blueprint was, you could tell they were focused, and were determined to make a change.

We were told to be ready just in case we failed because a ideas are not feasible at this time. Administrators are not as open-minded and comfortable with change for that to happen. We were given the groundwork for implementing a blueprint on an idea of our choosing. We were given a serious of motivational talks from people who were in our shoes just a few years ago. Seeing these people talk was beyond motivational for me! I enjoyed it so much.

I was able to meet new people; get out of my Michigan State University comfort zone and interact with students from all over the US. Granted I did not meet anyone from Texas, if I decide to go to any of my choice of graduate schools, I will know someone in that area. Awesome!

YP4 was a great opportunity and I am glad I was chosen to participate. I have made connections that will hopefully last a lifetime. It would also be great to see some of my fellow fellows projects implemented in the world.


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Beginning of the end: Last undergraduate course at MSU

I can’t believe it’s about that time, graduation from
Michigan State University. Monday I will begin my last
undergraduate semester on Michigan State Campus. It feels like just
yesterday was 2006 and I was an incoming freshman. Straight out of
Winans Academy high school in Detroit, MI, majoring in Biology,
terrified as terrified could be. I have definitely changed from
that person. No longer majoring in Biology, but dual majoring in
Professional Writing and Media Arts and Technology. I do still have
an interest in the sciences. I want to take some courses in medical
writing. I am also not as terrified of the large MSU campus, I know
where the majority of the dorms and buildings are on campus. I
know, the need to know faculty and staff. I love MSU! I have
executive positions on 3 different registered student
organizations. I have learned to adapt, and I’m proud of myself for
doing so. I am excited to see what the future holds and where it
takes me. If it is anything like my experience at MSU I’ll be more
than grateful.

Continue my journey with me…

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1st disagreement of 2011

As I’m trying to make the decision as what to do after
graduation, I am continuing to argue with my family who want me to
stay in Michigan after graduation. I am applying to Michigan State
for graduate school in Digital Rhetoric and Writing but, I am still
pursing other options. Both my family in Detroit and Muskegon want
me to stay in Michigan. They want me to stay near them. Although,
that would be nice it is just not the plan I have for myself. They
have lives their lives and decided to stay in Michigan. I myself
just do not have the desire. The job market in Michigan is not the
best and I feel I can better mature elsewhere. I love my family
dearly, and I feel I can show the same love from anywhere in the
world. I also know they want the best for and from me and will
support me in whichever decision I make. I just want them to know I
am making this decision for myself and no one else. As selfish as
that may sound. Now, as I try to make my decision and take my
family suggestions and opinions into account, I have to realize
this is my life and no one else’s! Continue my journey with me!

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A big decision!

I never knew I was so bad at decision making, but with
graduation rapidly approaching (in 4 months), I’m not exactly sure
what i want to do with my life! Who knew finding plans for after
graduation would be more of a hassle than graduation from high
school? I thought by choosing the right college, I’d be set for
life. Wrong! Choosing between graduate school, full-time work and
being abroad is definitely more demanding. I told myself to make a
pro and con list of the possible outcomes. I love traveling, I’m
ready to start my career but I also want more education. Is there a
way I can do all 3? Technically yes! Would I be happy doing all 3?
Probably not! And the questions continue… After taking with my
cousin I have finally been able to cancel out one option, not in
entirety though. I really want to go to graduate school, although
graduate school will always be there. There’s always time for
working and supposedly, there is always time for travel. I guess I
still have some pretty big decisions to make. Continue my journey
with me…,

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