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National Summit: YP4

After the midwest regional training…all I could think about was the National summit in January. January finally came, as did the National summit and it was a well anticipated wait! The staff was amazing, the speakers were amazing and of course the fellows were beyond amazing! Never had I been in a room with some many accomplished, driven, like minded, well rounded students. We were all there because we want social change. Somethings small, something very large. No matter what each individuals blueprint was, you could tell they were focused, and were determined to make a change.

We were told to be ready just in case we failed because a ideas are not feasible at this time. Administrators are not as open-minded and comfortable with change for that to happen. We were given the groundwork for implementing a blueprint on an idea of our choosing. We were given a serious of motivational talks from people who were in our shoes just a few years ago. Seeing these people talk was beyond motivational for me! I enjoyed it so much.

I was able to meet new people; get out of my Michigan State University comfort zone and interact with students from all over the US. Granted I did not meet anyone from Texas, if I decide to go to any of my choice of graduate schools, I will know someone in that area. Awesome!

YP4 was a great opportunity and I am glad I was chosen to participate. I have made connections that will hopefully last a lifetime. It would also be great to see some of my fellow fellows projects implemented in the world.


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