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Strasbourg, France… Week one from my perspective!

First arrival in Strasbourg arriving at about 5pm, I thought to myself “This is a cute little town!” After dinner, going to explore, around 7pm, I’m confused; “Why does everything close so early?” Still unable to answer that question… I have grown to accept it. If you want dinner, it better be before 7pm, if you want to shop, it better be before 7pm if you want to stop by the grocery store, it better be before 7pm. Actually, I am growing to like these ideas, it is better to eat meals before 7pm. This also causes families to bond, if everyone’s home by 8pm (allowing for shut-down and traffic), it allows for family time. Time to help children with homework, having family talks and encourages togetherness.

There was also this “Alsace” place people spoke of. There were bags,hats and even umbrellas with Alsace on them. “What is this place?” I wondered. After talking with my professor and asking a gazillion questions (lol). I understand. Alsace is one of the regions Europe spilt into during war. It includes multiple cities just as other countries.

Overall, I am looking to learn much more, and I guess loose a few pounds along the way during my next week here. If anything exciting happens, I’ll be sure to write about it. In the least, Continue my journey with me…


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