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I’m back in America. Now what?

Leaving Japan was bittersweet. I was happy to be coming home, but sad to be leaving one of the greatest adventures of my life. I was happy that I was no longer going to be considered a foreigner and although I am still not a majority, I see more people that look like me in America then in Japan.

As soon as I came home, I started to miss the food. I was enjoying sushi, nothing like the kind I eat in East Lansing. I missed the curry especially and even Mos Burger. Those were just the starters.

I missed the clean streets! No trash, no debris but, do not get me wrong I was excited to be driving. Taking the subway was just a little hectic for me.

I was also shocked, usually when I return from a trip I get sick and I didn’t! Boy, was I surprised! I think it was the fact that, people who felt like they were just a little sick wore a mask. They did not want to make anyone else sick.

I even missed something I thought that didn’t even phase me; The Toilets! I went to¬† a public restroom and realized that the bathrooms were nothing like the ones in Japan. No special toilets with special buttons, and they were even cleaner.

All in All, I definitely enjoyed my experience. It was more than I could ask for. If I spoke Japanese, I could see myself living there.


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Hotels in Japan

Comparing Osaka and Toyko is very easy in my opinion. Tokyo is very high paced and Osaka in my opinion is a little slower. The hotels are also very different. It seems like Osaka hotel is more advanced. They both have automated toilets, with all the special buttons, spray, bidet and water pressure. And regular, actual keys. Their coworkers all spoke English, which makes me think they are high in star rating and their employees get paid more. I also that it was really random that they loaned out umbrellas to their guest.

In contrast the Osaka hotel seemed more modern. They had flat screen TVs, a work area and really comfortable beds. The hotel seemed as if it was moreso for work related business. It was contectes to a cafe, that stayed open late, for late night workers. It may have just been the consitent Internet access but, I enjoyed this hotel more.

The Hotel Center of Asia seemed like more of a tourist hotel. They offered breakfast each morning and although it was repetative I enjoyed it! I love miso soup and I was able to have it everyday, along with the great correisants.

If I had a choice I would stay at either of these hotels again.

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Finally some technology!

Today I saw the most outrageous phones!! It wasn’t even at NTT Docomo, it was in Harajuku. There was an entire line of water proof phones, and the demo was a phone in a sink with water running and it still worked!! How amazing is tht?!?

Majority of the phones here are flip phones, but they do so much. There are phones that can operate a music player, phones that operate the T.V. and even phones that play music and tv with separate headphones. I even saw a phone that came a part. The ear part and the keypad could separate and when they’re together it works as a touch screen.Oh, and I forgot to mention the 3D phone, yes a 3D phone! It was absolutely amazing.

I am although just a little confused. The keyboards on the phones were in English it was a regular keypad with numbers and American characters. How do they use those?

Their phones are also much faster in application and Internet speed then ours.

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The professional writer in me…

I really enjoyed DNP publisher, they combined 2 of my passions writing and technology. DNP focused on writing the technical aspect, as well as creating and marketing. I feel that a major part of technology is how it is marketed. I’m
guessing that’s part of the reason it really appealed to me.

I also enjoyed D3 publisher, they have a location in California that may be interesting to work for. I’ll have to look it up! Most of my friends are looking to move to that area, and I’m not against it but a possible job there would be great!

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