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Train to Paris

Train to Paris, literally. After a night of amazing fireworks for Bastille Day, getting up early, putting on nice clothes, traveling down the Strasbourg streets to the train station. How exciting? I’ve definitely come to realize that I love traveling! Especially Europe and all that it has to offer.

This MSU study abroad experience is definitely one to remember. Traveling with friends, learning the history of Strasbourg and travel weekend has been extraordinary!

Looking forward to the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, the Louve and everything else Paris has to offer!

Continue this journey with me.


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Strasbourg, France… Week one from my perspective!

First arrival in Strasbourg arriving at about 5pm, I thought to myself “This is a cute little town!” After dinner, going to explore, around 7pm, I’m confused; “Why does everything close so early?” Still unable to answer that question… I have grown to accept it. If you want dinner, it better be before 7pm, if you want to shop, it better be before 7pm if you want to stop by the grocery store, it better be before 7pm. Actually, I am growing to like these ideas, it is better to eat meals before 7pm. This also causes families to bond, if everyone’s home by 8pm (allowing for shut-down and traffic), it allows for family time. Time to help children with homework, having family talks and encourages togetherness.

There was also this “Alsace” place people spoke of. There were bags,hats and even umbrellas with Alsace on them. “What is this place?” I wondered. After talking with my professor and asking a gazillion questions (lol). I understand. Alsace is one of the regions Europe spilt into during war. It includes multiple cities just as other countries.

Overall, I am looking to learn much more, and I guess loose a few pounds along the way during my next week here. If anything exciting happens, I’ll be sure to write about it. In the least, Continue my journey with me…

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A quick update

An update on my life… In about a month I will be receiving both of my bachelor degrees from Michigan State University in the mail. A month from that, I will begin graduate school at DePaul University. I am very excited about my future, and very pleased on how my pass has been. For about 2 weeks, my business Just The Beginning LLC has been official with the state of Michigan. JTB is currently looking for partners, interns and customers.

As usual…I am doing many things at one time…but I’m used to being busy! I need to keep busy!

Regardless… Continue my journey with me…

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Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning is a business I began my sophomore year in college because I knew I enjoyed web and document design. My initial intent, was to just create, graphics, websites and stationary, throughout the years, the business had expanded in my mind and I hadn’t realized until partnering with someone to help me develop my business and looking at my old business plans. The idea was so simple, now it is so vast. That is a good thing right? I do not want to get in over my head. I believe my plan expanded as I furthered my education and became more proficient. Creating stationary is great, but combining it with consulting and other things makes it more marketable in my mind.

I am generally the one to toggle more things than one and I think I am finally ready to do this. I am so excited. I think this is a great junction in my life to reconsider the business and make it big. The idea has come, expanded and now it is ready to be unleashed.

Remember… this is JUST THE BEGINNING!

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Graduation in less than a week

Clearly it has been a very long time since my last blog post. I have been extremely busy! Between, 13 credits, 2 jobs totaling 29 hours a week, President of a MSU student org, webmaster for the MSU senior Class Council and Director of Advertising and PR of another student org my days were jam packed and of course I had to make time to spend with my friends (probably more time than needed, but I love them).

Needless to say, I’ve made it, well almost, finals are this week, graduation is Friday, but even after graduation I am not done. I have one more course to take, but it is Belgium! I’ve tricked myself into believing that it is my graduation gift to myself. What’s next after graduation you ask? Graduate school! Where? I am still not sure, I am debating between a few schools, and while they all have their pros and cons…1 is in the lead as we speak.

I can not believe it is time for me to graduate already! Although I have been at MSU for 5 years, I feel like the time flew by! I’ve met new people, learned new things, traveled the world, gained skills and had a GREAT time while doing it! I’ve enjoyed my time at MSU! I wouldn’t change it for the world! Making the decision to come to MSU was difficult but it was a GREAT choice. Hopefully my great choice will be equally as good!

I’ve grown very sentimental in the last few months, and I anticipate many, many tears in the next few days. I will definitely miss the friendships I have made, and MSU atmosphere, but we must move on right? As an adult (WOW, can’t believe I am saying that), I must be able to easily adapt to change and grow. I feel that in my 5 years, I’ve definitely learned to do so.
I am still learning and walking in the GOD that created me. I do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me!
Continue my journey with me…

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MSU Alumni Association of Japan

I think it is absolutely amazing that there is a MSU alumni association of Japan. I think it is even more amazing that they take the time and money to mingle and meet the current students at MSU.

I know that MSU has students from all over the world and their students get jobs/careers all over, but I never thought that i would be enought people to have their own chapter. The MSU alumni were very nice and I could tell that they wanted to interact with us and see how the society of MSU has changed.

I wanted to use the luncheon as an opportunity to network with the alumni and find out how they were able to find postions outside of the US. Many of the individuals i spoke with were communications, advertising or something of the other. Japan is so well known for their technology and marketing, that it makes sense that those degrees would be well used.

I also wanted to know if MSU was as renowned around the world.

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